Cincinnati Police Department responds to Detroit Police's running man challenge

Posted at 7:57 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 22:29:20-04

The online police department dance battle has taken another twist.

The Cincinnati Police Department hired a professional production team to battle it out with Detroit's Police Department. So as you might guess, the competition has gotten pretty serious.

Cincy video is in response to DPD's video challenging them to a running man challenge. The Cincinnati Police Department spent three weeks making their own version, according to DPD Police Chief Craig.

So far, Detroit's police still have the spotlight with 8.3 million views. 

"CPD answered the challenge and knocked it out of the park," said Craig. "DPD still reigns as the police challenge champion, but I got nothing but love for the CPD and the city of Cincinnati."

Scripps station WCPO posted the video on their website. You can watch it below.