University of Michigan senior switches gears from hockey to music

Posted at 11:31 PM, Sep 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 05:31:07-04

Cooper Anstett is trying to succeed in a very tough business - music. But then again he knows a thing or two about being tough.

Cooper, now 21, started playing hockey at age three. He made the varsity team at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s  as a freshman. He played junior hockey in Maine and college hockey in Minnesota.

His sights were clearly set on a career in professional hockey. But a few years ago, his other passion took hockey right out of the game.

“I was going through a lot of different things in high school,” Cooper says, “and music was the only way I found to cope with different things. I kind of used it as journal entries at the time. I’d write songs and didn't really share them with too many people so it was more for me—and I was singing a lot.”

A lot of people play hockey, but few ever make a living at it. It’s pretty much the same in the music business.

But Cooper Anstett has already scored a measure of success in music. His song “Move” was picked up for a Chevrolet commercial that has gotten extensive play on TV through the spring and summer.

“Yeah, that was a huge one for me.” Anstett said before a recent gig at a Nashville music venue. “Three years ago I probably would have thought that never would have happened. But now that's its happened it’s kind of like another small goal reached and I just kind of work toward the next stepping stone to achieving my dream and goals.”

Those goals for the University of Michigan senior include gaining a reputation and respect in Nashville as a songwriter.

“I really believe I can write songs that fit artists down here well and I just want to have the opportunity to prove that.”

But if an opportunity presents itself to work as a performing artist Cooper says he’s ready for that too. Being able and ready to turn on a dime. You learn that playing hockey.