Dan Gilbert's younger brother taking Hollywood by storm with 14 Oscar Nominations for La La Land

Posted at 11:33 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 23:33:07-05

When it comes to the huge success of Detroit's rebirth, the late Mike Ilitch quickly comes to mind, but so does the name Dan Gilbert.

But there's another Gilbert whose name is shining brightly - not for rebuilding, not for the mortgage industry, but for Hollywood's most coveted awards, named Golden Globe and Oscar.

His name is Gary Gilbert and I got a chance to speak to Dan's younger brother, who produced the record breaking Oscar nominated film La La Land - the blockbuster romantic musical comedy-drama that has taken Hollywood by storm.

Gary Gilbert is one of the four producers behind the mega hit.

I asked Gary how it feels to have a blockbuster like La La Land, with 14 Oscar nods?

"It's unbelievable, the all time Academy Award record," he says.

Only two other movies - Titanic in 1997 and All About Eve from 1950 - have the same bragging rights.

It stars the man women adore, Ryan Gosling, and the loveable Emma Stone as a musician and an aspiring actress.

With a $30 million budget, it's already raked in more than $250 million and counting. More impressive this film won every category it was nominated for at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards.

Gary Gilbert says, "We're 7 for 7. Remarkable. Incredible. It's beyond a surreal feeling."

The idea for the movie came about 6 years ago during awards season. La La Land was supposed to be made for one million dollars or less.

Gary Gilbert says, "The first scene alone is north of a million. You have people jumping out of cars on a freeway, dancing in unison, It's unbelievable."

Gary and his brother Dan dreamed big as kids growing up in the Detroit area. At 15 and 17 Dan talked of owning a sports team and Gary dreamed of stardom in Hollywood.

Gary Gilbert says, "I've always loved loved movies, but you know people from Michigan don't typically get into the movie business. It's not a very common thing."

Gary and Dan started together in the mortgage industry before his big move to Hollywood in 2004.

Gary Gilbert says, "We had a shared office complex. We were in a 10x10 office, desks in an L-shape. Dan and I had one employee, I was 20 he was 23."

Gary made two movies here in the Motor City and would have made more had the tax incentives not gone away.

Gary Gilbert says, "It's a real shame they got rid of that incentive."

Gary says anyone with talent, street smarts and perseverance can make their mark in tinsel town.

I asked Gary about his mom being so proud when you consider she has two son so successful, and that's pretty amazing.

Gary Gilbert says, "I hear it from the manicurist, also when she gets her hair done, she talks about us a lot."

Who could blame her, with hopes and dreams packed into one history making night and the spotlight will be shining brightly on one extraordinary movie called La La Land.

If all indications are right, La La Land should bring home a number of awards on Oscar night, the most coveted of all being "Best Picture".