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Macomb County working to patch bad roads until construction can happen

Posted at 5:44 AM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 06:37:11-05

Each year, Macomb County spends more than $6 million for asphalt and concrete preservation. That includes pothole repair.

While drivers can expect construction to kick off for a more permanent solution on some roads, until then, money is used for fixes.

A lot of people talked to us about 10 Mile Rd., and there's really one word that sums it up.

“Terrible, the potholes are unbelievable," Latoyia Jackson said.

“Very bumpy, it jolts you, it kind of shifts you lane to lane it feels like," John Keep added.

The good news, once the weather warms up, construction to fix 10 Mile will kick off.

The repairs are costing more than $3 million, and other areas prone to potholes will see construction this year as well.

That includes 23 Mile from card to Heydenriech, costing more than $8 million.

There's Garfield from 17 Mile to 19 Mile, costing just under $4 million.

“They need to do something. They most definitely need to get that together," Jackson said.

Even with upcoming construction, money is still used in materials needed to fix current road conditions.

"Potholes are a safety issue, so we will continue to maintain those potholes until the construction project starts," Macomb County Maintenance Superintendent Leo Siavatta said.

The fixes don't last long. The material, cold patch, is porous and doesn't hold up in fluctuating temperatures.

“I think next week we are supposed to get some rain, we are supposed to go below freezing again, so everything that needs patch in the last week or two will probably be patching again which we will do," Siavatta added.

It's not until the hot asphalt can be used in nicer weather that the fixes last long.

The cycle might sound frustrating, but unfortunately, it's part of the job until construction on roads happens.