Add dimension to your home with trendy textures

Focal points with walls, furniture and floors
Posted: 9:06 AM, Oct 04, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-04 09:06:17-04
Add dimension to your home with trendy textures

A home should feel as good as it looks.

This is why texture continues to be one this year's home decorating biggest trends, according to House Beautiful .

Design touches can be subtle and small or big and grand — it's totally up to your creativity and budget.

Here are four ways to kick up your home's style with a little bit of texture.

Throw pillows

Let's start small, at least in scale. Adding just a few throw pillows onto a couch, chair or bed can transform the look of an entire room . The latest pillows not only kick up a room's style with color and patterns, but also can literally add a cozy feel to the space.

Safavieh Pillow Collection Throw Pillows, 22 by 22-Inch, Cali Shag Platinum

Shag doesn't have to stay on the floor! This pair of pillows add warmth to a room and a nice layered look, too.


OJIA Deluxe Home Decorative Super Soft Plush Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case

This faux fur pillow cover comes in a variety of colors and is totally chic. 


Textured Walls

Talk about a dramatic statement! Textured wallpaper, paint techniques and panels can add dimension to a room. Let your walls be the artwork!


Textured lighting

Light fixtures define a room: from the actual intensity and color to the exterior texture of the shades that define where the light travels. 

Mix and Match Textured Lamp Shade

A natural look and feel can add a rustic feel to any room.

15-inch Allover Textured Hardback Scale Lamp Shade

The three-dimensional, crisp and clean pattern makes a more modern and luxurious statement.

Textured Rugs

Why should the floor be so...flat? A quality, textured rug can elevate a room's look to something fabulous.