Bobcat Bonnie's in Corktown delivers complete dining experience, great food and welcoming service

Posted at 11:26 AM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 12:34:47-04

If you read my last article (if you haven't you can read it here), you will remember that service is very important to me. I wrote about a couple negative experiences then, but now I'll tell you about a place that has attentive, friendly service, and great food.

At the very least, restaurants should all strive to keep guests happy when it comes to food and service. Bobcat Bonnie's in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit does very well in delivering a complete dining experience.

Food & Drink

The menu at Bobcat Bonnie's is constantly changing. From theme nights like Monday's burger nights (there have been over 200 unique burger options created since Bonnie's started their burger night) to owner Matt Buskard's desire to switch things up often, there will be something new on the menu almost any time you visit.

There are definitely items that have remained on the menu since the beginning. Two of the most popular items also happen to be fun and unique as well – fried goat cheese and Cap'n Crunch chicken fingers.

One of the newer menu items is an addictive spicy queso fundido that I could eat all day long.

Just as the food menu is ever changing, the drinks menu is too. The focus at Bonnie's is beer with over 50 cans and bottles and eight taps on the menu. Beer plays an important role in weekly theme nights. For example, on Monday's Burger Night, a burger, fries, and draught beer is $12.

Tuesday is Tacos and Cans, which means three tacos and a select can of craft beer is $12. Wednesdays change focus to wine. Theme nights are the same every week, but if theme nights aren't your thing, the regular menu is always available. Buskard and his crew like giving their guests plenty of choices and reasons to return.


Bobcat Bonnie's opened about a year ago in the space that was once Oblivion's. Owner/operator Matt Buskard is from the west side of Michigan and has been in the hospitality industry most of his adult life. In talking to Matt, it's clear that he is very focused on taking care of his employees which in turn makes the employees more likely to take care of Bobcat Bonnie's guests.

Given Bonnie's location in Corktown, Buskard makes it a priority to hire people from the neighborhood. Not only does that ingratiate the restaurant to the neighborhood, but some would argue that if you live close to your job, you are more likely to show up. Once hired, each person is properly trained and given the tools to be successful, whether that is waiting on guests or working in the kitchen. The feeling I get from Matt is Bobcat Bonnie's is his second home and everyone who works there is part of the family.

Since their menu is large and potentially overwhelming, new guests are always given a menu tour. It may be a technique that isn't noticed, but it means the guest is properly welcomed and then given a quick rundown of the menu along with that particular server's favorite items. Have an allergy? Let them know. Vegan? Let them know. Favorite style of beer? Let them know. Every Bobcat Bonnie's server is well acquainted with each of the menus, so recommendations according to your needs can be made.

Ultimately, the abundance of food and drink choices coupled with the welcoming service and an unending desire to improve is what puts Bobcat Bonnie's ahead of so many places that merely try to coast.

Bobcat Bonnie's - 1800 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI - Phone: (313) 962-1383