China-based auto supplier introduces futuristic interior for autonomous vehicles

Detroit, Mich. (WXYZ) - Auto supplier Yanfeng introduced its futuristic interior for autonomous vehicles Tuesday at the North American International Auto Show.  

"That will become the number one reason why people decide what car they're going to buy," said David Muyres, executive director of research and development for the Chinese-based company.

Muyres said the experience consumers have inside the car while getting to their destination can enhance their life and give them a better quality of life. 

Yanfeng counts most of the major auto manufacturers among its clients. 

The XiM17 system features a number of innovations, including smart surfaces, integrated lighting solutions plus storage options and other technological advances that will transform the vehicle of the future into comfortable living space.  

With just a touch of a finger, occupants can switch from drive mode to family mode. The steering wheel retracts, the front seats rotate inward slightly while the back seats slide closer together to create what the company describes as a "living room environment." In this mode, a large front instrument panel becomes a focal point for video chats or movies.

"If you don't have to drive and grab stuff and hold stuff there, you can now move and use the whole interior in a new way," Muyres told Action News. The technology allows seats to move, slide and spin depending on what the consumer wants to do, according to Muyres. 

Muyres said automakers and technology companies involved in developing the driving systems expect fully autonomous vehicles to be on the road by 2021. 

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