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UAW President Gary Jones resigns from union as Executive Board moves to remove, expel him, Regional Director Vance Pearson

Posted at 3:34 PM, Nov 20, 2019

(WXYZ) — An attorney for Gary Jones says the embattled United Auto Workers President is resigning.

J. Bruce Maffeo released the following statement on behalf of his client:

Earlier today Gary Jones informed the UAW that effective immediately he has resigned his position as union president and retired from the union. Gary has been a member of the UAW for 44 years and began as a factory worker and worked his way up to president of the union where he led the union in its recent strike against GM. Gary made the decision to retire before learning of the charges filed earlier today and did so in order to allow the union to focus on its core mission to improve the lives of its members and families. Gary appreciates the support provided to him by his family and friends and offered the following quote: “While I don’t know what my lord and Savior Jesus Christ has in store for me, I will look to him for guidance and support in the days and moths to come.”

The move comes as the Executive Board of the United Auto Workers moved to remove Jones and Regional Director Vance Pearson in the wake of a federal investigation that is swirling around both men.

The board has filed Article 30 charges against both men that would also expel them from the union.

The move was revealed in a news release sent out by the executive board:

The UAW’s International Executive Board, Wednesday, filed charges under Article 30 of the UAW Constitution against Gary Jones and Vance Pearson seeking to remove them from their elected positions within the UAW and to expel them from membership in the UAW.

The Article 30 charges, signed by the entire International Executive Board, assert that Gary Jones and Vance Pearson directed the submission of false, misleading and inaccurate expense records to the UAW Accounting Department and further concealed the true information concerning those expenses, in violation of the UAW’s Ethical Practices Code and applicable federal labor laws.

“This is a somber day, but our UAW Constitution has provided the necessary tools to deal with these charges,” said UAW Acting President Rory Gamble. “We are committed at the UAW to take all necessary steps including continuing to implement ethics reforms and greater financial controls to prevent these type of charges from ever happening again.”