Pastor says asphalt contractor took money, didn't repair their parking lot

Posted at 5:47 PM, Aug 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 18:09:45-04

We’re taking action for a pastor who says he forked over thousands of dollars to get his church parking lot repaired - but almost a year later he is still looking at rubble.

In fact, the pastor tells us he had to lay out a tarp just so people can get in and out. That's why one of the congregants of the church wrote into us for help.

The pastor is worried about the well-being of his congregation. Dennis Wegman of Troy Church of Nazarene says he hired Tony Hamilton with Hamilton Asphalt & Concrete to lay down 4 inches of asphalt.

Last October, he forked over $8,000 of church donations money and says he was told it would all be wrapped up in May.

But 9 months later the project is still unfinished.

So our Taking Action team went looking for him ourselves, going to every address associated with the business.

Two addresses proved unfruitful, no one inside even knew who he was.

But one final address - the one listed on the contract--took us to a person we spoke who identified herself as his mother, but refused to comment.

Meanwhile, the pastor is left worried about a job that may never get done.

Now this a small church, only about a 100 people, so as you can imagine it’s hard for them to think about forking over more money to get this job done.

Hopefully, we can get some resolve on this so they don’t have to.