Mompreneur hopes to clean up at new Novi store

ArtiSun sells custom soap and other products
Posted at 4:30 PM, Oct 04, 2017
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Nine years ago, Sue Finley went out to buy her grandson some body wash. She checked the list of ingredients on a few products, and was discouraged by what she saw.

“I looked up online what some of the ingredients were, and there were hormone disruptors, there were carcinogens in there,” she explains.

So she began making soap for Liam, with just a few ingredients. Little did she know that nine years later, she’d be opening a store in Novi selling her hand-made soap, body lotions, bath bombs, natural deodorants, soy candles and more.

“I sold online for many years first, built a good customer base and so it just seemed like this was the next step,” she says.

ArtiSun Bath & Skin Care opened for business last month. She and her team of “artisans” make all the products. “We try to engage all the senses of our customers and the first thing we attract is the sight.”

Their soaps are proof of that. Each has colors carefully swirled throughout, and special touches like glitter. It’s clear imagination and artistry are two of the ingredients in their recipes.

“Then after that, is the fragrance,” she explains. “We want the scent to come into play, then we name it.”

Some names match the scent like Grapefruit, Lavender and Lilac, and those creatively named, liked Electric Lemonade, Snow White’s Apple, Cranberry Spritzer and Pumpkin Souffle, which contains real pumpkin.

Others have their own meanings, like “Oh Man.”

“My husband was in the shower and said ‘I need some soap.’ I gave him this one, which I had not yet named, and he was in the shower and he said ‘oh man, that was great.’”

For the Halloween season, there’s Zombie Apocalypse and Witchy Woman. 

ArtiSun Bath & Skin Care is located at the NorthEast corner of 10 Mile & Meadowbrook in Novi.

You can also check her website here