Mom's a Genius: Bloomfield Hills artist teams up with Detroit Wallpaper Company

Posted at 4:35 PM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 16:53:14-04

It’s really fun to see something that was 3D in 2D,” Nanci LaBret Einstein says as she looks at a sheet of wallpaper at Detroit Wallpaper Company. She’s collaborating with the Ferndale company to bring her art to a new audience through a new medium.

We visited Nanci’s Bloomfield Hills home to learn more about her passion for art and the unique pieces, she creates. Words can’t do them justice, so watch the video above to see her work.

“I put things together in a visual language that pleases me and hopefully, ultimately pleases the viewers,” she says.

Most of Nanci’s pieces are sculptures that are brightly colored and complicated in their design, with numerous layers and textures. They make you think when you look at them... each person bringing their own interpretation. The pieces can take months for Nanci to complete.

She also creates art that merges photographs her husband has taken through the years, with pictures of her art.

And now, her art is taking new form at Detroit Wallpaper Company. Her creations are the basis for 9 unique wallpaper designs.

“With any given paper… there are four different color options,” explains Detroit Wallpaper Company co-founder Josh Young. “Ranging from a little more saturated and bold color to a little more subdued and static for a room.”

Young says the collaboration just makes sense.

“Art as wallpaper has definitely been something that’s been a mission statement for us since we really got started,” he says. “So with Nanci’s aesthetic, her very creative eye, it’s a perfect fit for the wallpaper.”

And it’s the perfect next step for Nancy’s artistry. It opens up a new audience in her career that has spanned decades.

“I love teaching people different ways to see, and that’s really what it gets down to.”

You can find out more about Nanci's art on her website

And you can check out all the offerings at Detroit Wallpaper Company here