Mom's a Genius: Novi mom invents Stow + Stack Pillow Rack

She hopes to land in ABC's Shark Tank
Posted at 4:38 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 18:40:32-04

Judy Williams saw a problem and invented something to solve it. It has to do with all those pillows we have on our beds... pillows and bedding that often end up on the floor.

"We have racks for everything," she says. "We have racks for shoes and boots and coats... and magazines and everything that is okay to put on the floor, but for the things that we smash our face into and breath all night long, we throw them and toss them on floors and tabletops and dressers and chairs. We can do better."

So that's what this former teacher she set out to do. With inspiration from an old piece of furniture that resembles a rack, and help from an Industrial Arts teacher at Novi High School, the Stow + Stack Pillow Rack was born. It's a collapsible rack that holds pillows and bedding. 

"The more you put on, the more it will accept," she says. 

It can also be used for towels, clothing or coats and purses if you're entertaining. And when you're not using it, you can store it away with about an inch of closet space.

Judy took her product to the Shark Tank casting call in May. She says the producer she pitched to loved it, but unfortunately she didn't hear back with an invite to appear on the show. She believes it's because she hasn't actually sold any of the pillow racks yet. She doesn't have the money needed to get them mass manufactured.

"At first they (Shark Tank Investors) would start and grow a business, but now, they want proof that that the person can sell a few million before they have the time and money to invest in it," she says. "So that doesn’t mean I give up, that just means I find another way."

You can learn more about the Stow + Stack Pillow Rack, and leave any comments or interest here.

Check out the video player above to see the Stow + Stack Pillow Rack in use... and to see why Judy would have loved to work with any of the Sharks on the hit show.