Mom's a Genius: Plymouth mom creates nail sticker trading cards for girls

Posted at 4:14 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 17:03:29-04

A Plymouth mom hopes her business will be the next big thing for girls. 

Kelly O'Donnell is the entrepreneur behind Tiki Cards, nail sticker trading cards for girls ages six to twelve.

"I came up with the concept of a trading card because girls that age love to collect and trade things," says Kelly. "There wasn't a lot for girls in terms of trading cards. There's a lot for boys that age, but not a lot of trading cards or trading products for girls."

Girls can collect and trade the cards with their friends, then apply the stickers for a cute and fun manicure.

There are 36 different cards with designs featuring holidays, sports, animals, seasons, and much more.

"So it's just like baseball trading cards. You get a pack and you don't know what's in it," says Kelly.

A three pack of Tiki Cards costs $4.99 with a random assortment of cards, each card containing one manicure application.

Kelly designed them to be easier than some of the other nail products on the market for kids.

"It's very easy. Just clean the nail, put the sticker on, hold it there for 20 seconds, and then clip them," says Kelly. "And most kids if they can clip their own finger nails, they can do this product."

Her business name is a play on her two daughters, Tess and Katie, who were the inspiration behind it all. Kelly wants this to be about more than trading cards and pretty nails, she wants it to be a lesson for her daughters and other girls.

"So we really need to model this entrepreneurial thinking for our girls so we have lots of female founders out there in the future. Because we really bring a perspective to business and start-ups that's important," says Kelly.

Kelly still has her day job as a marketing and communications consultant because turning a profit will take time. Another lesson for her kids that she hopes will stick.

"This is an experience that they can't...I can't teach them any other way," says Kelly. "For me, that's where the real payoff will be.

You can purchase Tiki Cards at Genuine Toy Co. located in downtown Plymouth or on their website.

Be sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram for special discount codes that can be used for online purchases.