Mom's a Genius update: Company that makes gifting Michigan products easier grows

Posted at 4:40 PM, Nov 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 17:32:27-05

The company name is Bundled, and that’s exactly what this business does.

“We can’t help but grow because there’s so many products we just want to bundle,” co-owner Chelsea Gheesling says. “And luckily there are people that want to purchase the bundles so it works out well.”

Chelsea Gheesling and Courtney Taylor are life-long friends who came up with idea a little over a year ago to help Michigan businesses and busy moms like them with gift giving.

“It’s easier to run into a big store and just grab something,” Chelsea says. “So that’s what we’re all about is making it easy to buy local, and then just give a beautiful gift that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on.”

They’ve grown since I first featured them in a Mom’s a Genius report last year. They started with five bundles… and have no expanded their line to include pre-packaged bundles, deluxe bundles and even build your own. They also now offer bundles featuring food from Michigan companies.

“One of the things we’re passionate about is finding these small businesses that make these incredible products and making it easy for other people to discover them,” Chelsea says.

This will be the second holiday season Courtney and Chelsea have been bundling products. Well, technically, they don’t do the actual bundling… The bundlers are hard workers at STEP, Services To Enhance Potential, a non-profit that gives employment opportunities to adults with disabilities. It’s near and dear to Courtney’s heart, because her day job is as a special education teacher.

“I’m so excited because we’ve grown so much and I look around and I see our boxes stacked and I see them all working and I know that they enjoy doing it, and it gives such a big purpose… it means a ton,” Courtney explains.

When we visited the Bundled office, now located in the Livonia STEP location, the workers were packing bundles for General Motors. The automaker provides them as gifts for new employees…

“As we continue to get corporations and businesses that are linking to us, we get to continue to build on their opportunities,” Courtney explains.

You can visit the Bundled website here