Parent-invented products that will have you saying,"Why didn't I think of that?

Posted at 4:35 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 17:11:54-04

Mompreneurs Sherri French from, and Carly Dirogi of, dropped by Broadcast House to talk about some parent-invented products that will leave you asking "Why didn't I think of that?"

1)    Green Glove

Product:  Floor Dryer (Tan & White) - $19.99, Wall Dryer - $19.99, Extension nozzles (Tan & White) - $4.95
•    Requires NO Extra electricity to dry. Only what is currently in use in your home, school or office
•    Set it and forget it! All those mittens and gloves will be dry overnight, because our heat runs all night....and we don't use it (we are sleeping in our warm beds)
•    Floor dryer is portable and packable (comes with bag)...Take it everywhere you go

2)   GloveStix

Product:  Glovestix - $29.99
•    Non toxic and chemical free technology. All natural silver ions are embedded in the plastic and in the presence of moisture are released to extinguish the cell walls of the odor causing bacteria. Proven to inhibit 99.9% of odor causing bacteria growth in a 24 hour period. The antimicrobial solution in each stick will last 10 years.
•    On the inside of each stick are replaceable deodorizing inserts. We use non indicating silica gel and plant based essential oils to absorb moisture and deodorize. Replace about every 3-4 months for optimum performance. No need to replace the stix... just the inserts.
•    Easy to use and long lasting, the glovestix are perfect for the on the go athlete. Besides saving mom and dad a lot of time and money they will surely save their nose! No more chemical sprays and toxic ingredients and no more time spent trying to get rid of that awful smell. The stix are meant to keep in your gear bag and then simply place the stix inside your gear after practice and games and leave them there, they will do all the work... for you! And dont let the name fool you, they are not just for gloves or athletes. We have customers that use them in dance shoes, arm pads, knee pads (lots of volleyball customers), helmets, ski boots, skates, shoes, Ugg boots, sperrys etc. They can be used in any item that traps moisture. By eliminating the smell in the actual gear thats in the bag, you eliminate the smell of the bag as well. Carpool night has just gotten better.

3)   Munch Mitt

Product:  Munch Mitt - Aqua Blue, Purple Shimmer, Bright Green, Pink Shimmer - $18.99
•    The innovative and modern design allows baby to easily access the teether themselves, while protecting their hands from skin irritation due to constant chewing.
•    The soft, flexible 100% silicone teether has nubs and bumps baby can rub or bite creating counter-pressure on their gums for pain relief
•    Fully tested to ensure it exceeds all federal safety requirements, including CPSC standards, ASTM regulations and the most current CPSIA

4)  Binxy Baby

Product: Shopping Cart Hammock - $49.95
•    Safe place for baby while you shop
•    Rolls up to fit in your purse or diaper bag
•    Can be used with infant car seat and holds up to 50 pounds

5)    Thistle and Poppy

Product: Snap Point Picture Frames - 4x6-$24, 5x7- $38, Ornament Frame - $14
•    Snap Point Picture Frames are patent pending magnetic picture framing system. That allows you to frame pictures easier than ever, but you can also customize the look of the frame over and over because of the magnetic design.
•    These frames are perfect for so many uses, frame photos traditional on the wall or on a tabletop, use just the trim piece and frame photos on the fridge or in a locker. the ease of use makes it easy to frame anything, from chore charts, menus, to kid's drawings!
•    Life changes, kids grow up so why are we all guilty of outdated pictures framed on our walls? These frames make it easy to keep your pictures up to date and keep up with your memories! There is no need to remove the frame from the wall when using the snap point framing system! Framing in a snap, literally!

6)    The Teething Egg 

Product: The Teething Egg- $19.99
•    Unique texture helps soothe inflamed gums
•    Babies love the curved shape which allows gums to glide in all directions
•    Made in the USA, Non-Toxic, BPA, Phthalate, Lead and Latex FREE

7)    Lceee Designs

Product: Flipping Holder: 1-pack for $12; 2-pack for $20
•    Stops the mess children make with baby food pouches, juice boxes, and juice pouches.
•    Allows children to eat baby puree pouches independently and drink from juice boxes/pouches from as young as 6 months up to five years and older.
•    Easy to use, sturdy, single-piece holder with no moving parts, won't break if thrown, and is dishwasher safe.