Save big on kids' sports gear

Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-05 19:19:50-04

From the football field, to the soccer field, youth fall sports season is here.
And parents are suddenly facing all sorts of extra costs that can blow that back to school budget.

Robin Welch spends hundreds of dollars outfitting her 4 children. "It can be close to $500, when you get cleats, balls and everything it just adds up," she said.

So she buys used, and says she saves "oh gosh, at least half!"

We found her at a franchise location of Play it Again Sports  where manager Tony Ross was showing her hundreds of used items at half price or less.    

For instance, he pointed to their youth football girdles. "For a brand new pair," he said," we're talking $29.99. Gently used pair. $14.99. You save $15."

The biggest seller in used sporting goods time of year: soccer cleats.

After all, an elementary-aged child will go through a pair of these in a season, and they often still look new.

"This pair here? $9.99," Ross said, picking up a clean pair of white cleats. "They are practically brand new."

Here you will find gently used soccer balls, footballs, and mouth guards selling for as low as $1.99 (though the mouth guards are new, not used, in case you were wondering).

Apps make buying a breeze

But you don't have time to shop? Or your used sporting goods shop doesn't have your child's size?

There's an new way to find used sports equipment on local buying and selling smartphone apps, such as:

We found dozens of football and hockey pads for around $10  locally on LetGo.

A pair of children's soccer cleats, excellent condition, were selling for $8 on OfferUp.

And unlike Caigslist, where many parents are nervous about meeting up with strangers, with these apps you can check the seller's profile, for you and your child's safety.    

Jim Webb says he's all about used when it comes to golf gear for his young son. "It's too expensive," he said. "It's better to get it  second hand hand, try it out, see if we like it!"

This way if your young one quits the sport after a month, you're not out a fortune.

One caution: if purchasing from an app, arrange to meet the seller at a safe place such as a grocery store entrance, gas station, or police station, so you say safe and you don't waste your money.