Playing video games could land you your next job

Posted at 4:40 PM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 19:05:15-04

You could get your next job based on your ability to play video games.  

Meryl Gibbs, a student who has a job lined up after graduation, used a video game to help her land a job in her dream profession.

"When you play these games, you'd get these results.  You'd get not only trait results, like your focus or your ability to switch tasks.  And you'd get like emotional traits such as empathy or creativity.  And based off of that, they give you career recommendations and also company recommendations that you have matched with," said Gibbs.

The jobs range from finance to consulting, and the companies on board for this include major Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies that might not have large recruiting budgets.  

While most say this new method is a long overdue replacement to resumes, some worry that this might be a disadvantage to people that aren't gamers.  Barbara Marder from Mercer, that uses video games to make matches, says "some of the games actually account for that by, using the first time a person plays, that will become their baseline".

Although this new way is different from the tradition job search route, it could be more fun.

"Everyone that I've talked to who has taken or played the game has really thought it was a lot of fun or interesting," said Gibbs.

You can check out the new apps and games that are being used here: Stockfuse, Knack, Pymetrics.