'Fifty Shades' series goes missing from Berkley library

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 20:25:41-04

The director of the Berkley Public Library says someone is going out of their way to hide DVDs and Blu Rays of the movie series “Fifty Shades of Grey.” 

Over the past few months, the movies came up missing six times. 

“Our assumption is they didn’t want them available for people to check out,” said library director Matt Church. 

Where's Anastasia? Library had a 'Fifty Shades' censor

The movies were eventually found in an undisclosed location inside the library. They are now on full display with a sign reading. 

 “Berkley Public Library is against censorship. Someone didn’t want you to check these items out. They deliberately hid all of these items so you wouldn't find them. This is not how the libraries work.”

People who use the library tell 7 Action News they agree with the library’s strong stance against the person hiding the movies. 

“I think it’s childish and stupid, why do that? You don’t want to watch it don’t watch it,” Coral Odoms said. 

“You’re imposing your attitudes one someone else you know when you go to that extent,” Sandra Dunstone said. 

Now that the movies are on full display Church hopes whoever hid the movies will learn a valuable lesson. 

“We hope that whoever has hidden these in the library will see that the community supports us having these on the shelves,” Church said.