'Podcast Detroit' helps Detroiters create their own personal podcasts

Posted at 4:37 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-13 17:20:21-04

If you listen to podcasts, you are part of a growing trend across the country. It's talk that's tailored to a variety of topics that you can listen to whenever you want. 

Now, two guys who have their own show are in the business of helping other Detroiters share their voice. On the air, they're known as Bob the Sales Guy and Dave the Geek, the voices behind "I.T. in the D."

It's a podcast Bob Waltenspiel and Dave Phillips launched in 2013 in the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit. But these information technology guys are more than hosts, they also own "Podcast Detroit."

It's a network of nearly 100 podcasts, and it's talk that's tailored to all kinds of topics that can be accessed on demand.

They launched the network in July 2015 after they have tremendous interest from people waiting to use their studio to create their podcast.

In the new location, there are four studios where 85 podcasts are recorded. In July, they opened a new studio in the Detroit Shipping Company, a plaza made of shipping containers that have been repurposed into work and restaurant spaces.

Podcast Detroit provides the studio and the equipment so you can come to do a show. There are entry-level to premium prices, and the cost starts as low as $40 per hour.

If you want to try doing your own podcast for free, they offer that at their Royal Oak location on the first Saturday of every month. You do have to sign up online first at