19 Michigan educators chosen for 'Clear the List' campaign

How you can help teachers ‘Clear the List’ before school starts this fall
Posted at 7:43 PM, Sep 19, 2022

(WXMI) — Out of 1,100 educators in our state, 19 were chosen for Michigan Virtual's Clear the List campaign— a funding initiative giving teachers and schools everything on their Amazon wish lists needed to make bring classroom big projects to life.

Everything purchased will benefit students across our state, including in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, the U.P. and Detroit.

Educators were chosen based on school need, the submission entry message, and the project's alignment with Michigan Virtual's mission and values.

  • Eighth-graders in Kalamazoo will have access to Spanish language materials and resources.
  • Grand Rapids schools will be able to offer basic necessities to kids experiencing homelessness or are otherwise in need.
  • Muskegon students will have more access to charging stations for kids who can't charge their classroom devices at home.
  • Creation of a Detroit classroom lending library— bringing kids diverse, positive narratives and materials that help them go beyond the classroom.


“When educators are better equipped for the school year, outcomes improve for learners," said Jamey Fitzpatrick, president and CEO of Michigan Virtual. “Education is going through a renaissance post-pandemic, so there is no better time to support innovation in our classrooms than right now.”

You can support your local educators by perusing their Amazon wish-lists.

Michigan Virtual provides online learning for students and professional development for educators and say joining the nationwide Clear the List movement was just another way they can improve education in our state.