1967 class ring from one of the last segregated schools in Mississippi found in Michigan

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-13 17:37:14-04

A class ring from a school in Mississippi has been found here in Michigan.

It belonged to someone who attended one of the last segregated high schools in 1967.

The person who found it is on a mission to return this to the rightful owner.

"I just wish this ring could talk," said Randi Rathbun. "It's a piece of history that I'm holding in my hand. It's got a really rich story and I really hope to find the person."

Rathbun found the ring Saturday in a tool box she inherited from her grandfather who passed away last year.

"He had a lot of collections of a lot of different things."

After cleaning it up see got a good look at it.

"It to me seems like a man's ring," she explained. "It's a little bulky. It's got an emerald, a pretty big size emerald with a gold Trojan in the middle."

The school's name is 33rd Avenue High School in Gulfport Mississippi.

The ring belonged to someone who was part of the class of 1967. The school has a unique history.

"It was an all African-American high school and the school itself actually closed in 1969 when schools were integrated."

Inside the gold ring, you see the initials "CC."

Randi was hoping to find a yearbook, but the school's alumni association told her there were no yearbooks from that school back then.

She then contacted the company that made the class ring but that turned out to be a dead end too.

"They don't have records from that far back, so I can't even go go that route."

The school is considered a historic site, although it was damaged during Hurricane Katrina, but the alumni association is very active.

Randi is hoping someone knows who this ring belongs to.

"Almost hoping that the person who did lose it is in Michigan so that I can hand deliver to them and see the smile, she added.

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