360º View: Climb to the top of WXYZ's antenna tower for beautiful view of SE Michigan

Posted: 11:00 AM, Aug 18, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-18 17:30:39Z

We dare you to look straight down from the top of our antenna tower. Climb high above metro Detroit and check out this 360º view!

We attached a 360º camera to the small service elevator on our tower near Ten Mile and Evergreen in Southfield.

You can move the image in any direction you want. Can you see your neighborhood from our tower?

As the camera climbs the tower, watch the paint color change. Each time it goes from red to white, we've reached another 100 feet into the air.

Watch the video here. You can use your finger or your mouse to change the direction of the view.

Videos like this are still pretty new and may not play on every phone or every web browser. You can watch this here in the YouTube app.  And you can also try it here on Facebook.

We sent the camera up the tower on its own, attached to the bottom of a small elevator used by crews that service the tower -- changing light bulbs and even painting it every few years.

If you have a VR viewer, like Google Cardboard, you can use that to view this 360 degree video.