4-month-old baby being treated in hospital after being found near Orion Township creek

Orion Twp Rescue 4.7.21.jpg
Posted at 3:58 PM, Apr 07, 2021

ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — A 4-month-old baby is in good condition at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital after being found by Oakland County Sheriff's deputies during a search in an area near Waldon and Joslyn roads.

The search for the boy began after officials received two 911 calls reporting that a woman was hiding in bushes and ringing doorbells. The residents who made the calls reported the woman appeared distraught and said she believed someone was chasing her with guns.

Deputies reporting to the scene were able to locate a 37-year-old Orion Township woman after staff from Waldon Middle School reporting that a frantic woman was pounding on the locked doors of the schools.

Officials say while questioning her, they learned she had an infant son. They also noticed burrs on her pants, which led them to believe she had been in a field or wooded area.

Deputies determined an area they believed she may have been in and conducted a grid search between her home, the school, and the neighbors who reported the suspicious activity.

Thirty minutes after learning the infant was missing, deputies found in him the wooded area. He was found face down in a wooded area on the banks of a creek, cold and wet, but breathing. The baby was hypothermic and deputies removed his wet sleeper and wrapped him in blankets as they stabilized him with the aid of Orion Township emergency medical personnel.

It is unclear how long he was at the location.

A warrant is being sought for the mother's arrest on suspected child abuse. Deputies say the case may involve prescription drug abuse.