$40K worth of equipment stolen from Michigan band in Clinton Township

Posted at 9:20 PM, Oct 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-18 21:28:53-04

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — A west Michigan band is trying to rebuild after $40,000 worth of gear and property was stolen while they were performing for local fans in Clinton Township.

The sign in the Hampton Inn Parking lot says you assume all personal risk. But when a group of brothers came to town with their band, they didn’t know how risking parking there would be.

Don the Pariah is a band of brothers from Holland, Michigan. On Saturday, they drove east to perform at Pub 1281 in Clinton Township.

“We got done, packed up our trailer in the parking lot," said Michael Garcia, the bass guitarist for Don the Pariah. “We got back to our hotel probably about 2:30 a.m.”

They stayed at the Hampton Inn down the street on Gratiot and parked their truck and trailer in the hotel lot.

Garcia told 7 Action News' Jennifer Ann Wilson when they woke up on Sunday morning their stomachs sank.

“He said 'hey did you move the truck?' And I was like, 'No!' and I kinda went around, and I seen that it wasn’t there and right then and there I knew we were in trouble. Either it got towed or it got stolen.”

Hampton Inn said it wasn’t towed. Around $40,000 of property was stolen, including $15,000 worth of gear.

“I mean we had probably about 5 guitars, 2 bass guitars,“ said Garcia. “All the drums, stands, microphones, cords.”

Amps, speakers, even merchandise to sell to fans – they are asking everyone to look out for their truck and their trailer in hopes of recovering some of what they lost.

The trailer shouldn’t be too hard to miss cause it says "Grand Rapids Michigan" right on the side.

Recovering any part of their gear would be a big help as they rebuild.

They have upcoming gigs, and the brothers say they will take out credit cards do what they need to replace their gear and continue doing what they love.

They have a GoFundMe page if you’d like to help them out.