5-Hour Energy founder using his fortune to test medical device he hopes will help others

Posted at 4:50 PM, Sep 22, 2016

The founder of 5-Hour Energy drink is devoting his time and resources on a new project that's meant to improve health.

Manoj Bhargava said, "Once you make a certain amount of money, you're thinking, 'Okay I need to do something really useful' and there is only one thing useful and that's to do something which is good for other people.'"

The billionaire's heart is much bigger than his wallet.

He's invested his time, money and energy in the External Counter-Pulsation Device.

It was invented 40 years ago and is approved to treat heart disease.

Manoj says the machine, which helps circulation, can treat other ailments.

"I found this thing and I thought, 'My God. Circulation, that's everything,'" he said. "It's in every hospital and yet it got relegated to, 'if you can't have surgery, if you are so weak, then we will give you that.'"

The machine is FDA approved to help clear arteries, but Manoj and his team are studying the device to see if it can treat dementia and diabetic nerve damage.

"Gives pressure with your heartbeat. So when your blood is flowing down, it's open, and then pushes the blood back up, which means it's basically a second heart."

Manoj says there have already been 200 studies conducted with the ECP device.

Each machine costs $45,000 and is being tested at the Renew Research Center in Farmington Hills.

Manoj doesn't believe he will make any money off of the device any time soon, but the idea to help someone's health in a non-invasive way is satisfaction enough.

"Most of my money goes to do things which are for the welfare of humanity," he said.  "Let's do something, great things, and if it makes money, awesome. If it doesn't, eh, who cares."

Manoj has been living in Michigan for 19 years. His family immigrated from India when he was a teenager.

So what advice does this Ivy League drop out have for young entrepreneurs?

Not an MBA.

He said, "What you need is common sense, a sense of urgency, and ridiculous determination."

As for the ECP device - they are hoping to wrap up their study and go to the FDA by next year to get it approved to treat dementia.

For more information on Renew ECP, log onto: or call the center at 844-735-5319.