7 In Your Neighborhood: Rose's Fine Food in Detroit

Posted at 1:33 PM, Jun 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-14 19:50:18-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — In this week's 7 In Your Neighborhood, we’re taking you to a 30-seat diner that is keeping the jobs and the food in and from the D and that has the foodies loving it!

“I feel good about supporting the community and I get a good meal,” said customer Page Heenan.

“During the summer we buy almost 100% of our produce locally,” said Rose’s Fine Food owner Molly Mitchell.

Mitchell spent a lot of her childhood at her grandparents Detroit home.

Six years ago, she moved to Detroit, took over this vacant diner and used her restaurant experience opened rose’s fine food and named it for her grandma’s love of roses.

“When we were getting ready to open up, there would be car loads of older guys pull up , and be like, this is our spot,” said Mitchell.

First opening in 1964, even after being vacant for years, it was still in good shape.

“When we got to it, there was not one piece of graffiti. No broken windows, nothing like that. The neighborhood really protected this space,” Mitchell said.

That neighborhood love was what showed her this place and this community is special. She didn’t want to be just another revamped restaurant, she wanted rose’s to be a difference maker.

“I just wanted to create a place that the people that the employees felt they had dignity in their work, they had stability and it could be someplace they could stay long term,” said Mitchell.

Molly’s mission-hire local!

“We’re really committed to paying high living wages for our employees and I try to hire people in my neighborhood, so I just really wanted to be a benefit to the neighborhood,” said Mitchell.

“It’s nice that the front of the house and the back of the house work together. We all pool tips,” said employee Eggy Ding.

She buys all her products from local farmers.

“We work a lot of people that grow in the city with Ghost Acre Farm, Fish Eye Farm, Beaverland."

“Everything that they can source locally, they source locally and organically, and they pay their servers a living wage, so that’s really impressive,” said customer Isabelle Sakelaris.

Her next goal finding a new spot to share her polish heritage and bring her take on polish food Detroiters love.\