7 Investigators digging into the background of CMU shooting suspect James Davis

(WXYZ) - WXYZ is learning more about 19-year-old James Eric Davis through students who know him.

One student – who did not want to be identified -- told us that Davis often talked about his gun.

"He always had a gun and he’d bring it up every now and then," the student told us. "He even said something about, guns being banned and he’d never give his gun up."

A Central Michigan University sophomore who spoke to us by phone said he would often see James Eric Davis, Jr. playing basketball or playing video games in his room.

But the student told us – Davis had stopped going to class and seemed to be smoking a lot of marijuana.

"I know he dropped all his classes, cuz he’d just chill in his room and smoke weed all day he had no ambition or nothin’," he says.

The 19-year-old from Plainfield, Illinois does not appear to have a previous criminal record in Michigan. His Twitter feed is full of selfies as well as some strong language – but no obvious threats of violence.

Last night though -- campus police were called to an incident involving Davis.

"The officers believe a drug-related type of incident, an overdose or a bad reaction to drugs," said Chief Klaus.

Police tell us Davis was released from the hospital shortly before the shooting. They also don’t know yet how Davis’ weapon went undetected.

"We do not have metal detectors but it is our policy that students, staff, faculty cannot have weapons on our campus," Klaus says.

The students we spoke to said there was no indication that he was having problems with his parents, Diva Davis and Bellewood Police Officer James Davis Senior.

"How many more incidents like this gotta happen," he says. "This is hittin’ too close to home now."

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