Detroit's Most Wanted: Joseph Larry arrested

Posted: 6:25 PM, May 09, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-13 09:25:48-04

Another Detroit's Most Wanted is behind bars this week after he was profiled on 7 Action News. 

This week, 7 Action News teamed up with the US Marshals to lock up the worst of Detroit's Most Wanted.

The US Marshals have finally caught up with Joseph Larry, a man wanted for his alleged role in a murder.

He was arrested after a police chase in Pennsylvania on May 12, just days after he was featured in our DMW series. We're told one of the officers Googled his name at the scene and found our recent report on So, the officer then contacted the US Marshals. 

“This guy's a career criminal. He’s been arrested in the past with a gun on him - at the time he took off and ran from police officers,” Deputy US Marshall Aaron Garcia said.

DFAT and Detroit Police wanted 27-year-old Larry off the streets.

“Joseph Larry earned his way to one of DFAT’s most wanted – we’ve been looking for this character for several months now, over a year,” Garcia said.

Wanted for murder, attempted murder and welfare fraud, Garcia says Larry is also accused of pulling guns on family members and beating up his pregnant girlfriend.

“I don’t know what kind of man would hit alone- let alone a pregnant female, pregnant girl and assault them multiple times,” he said.

Garcia says Larry may have been using other names. 

After being shot several times last May he gave the hospital his brother’s name – Raymond Larry- to get treated, but not arrested.