8-year-old Ferndale girl on mission to become one of the youngest food truck owners

Posted at 9:43 AM, Jun 23, 2021

(WXYZ) — She’s a little girl with big dreams.

"I wanted to be a singer originally, but I started cooking with my mom and watching some cooking shows and then I wanted to be a chef," said 8-year-old Hadley Guinn of Ferndale.

Hadley said she’s been cooking and baking for years, inspired by some of the great chefs of our time. Her happy place is the kitchen.

"She started asking, 'hey, can I help cook dinner?' She's made chicken parmesan, she's baked whole cakes, she's done lasagnas, she's done steaks, she's done burgers," said Beth Guinn, Hadley's mother. "It's amazing what all she can do. So, she surprises me every day, honestly."

It’s a passion that’s led to a mission.

"I want to be one of the youngest girls to own a food truck," said Hadley.

And with that, Hadley is on a journey to raise about $20,000 to get her very own food truck and name it the "Sweet Tea Cafe."

"Because, you see, my nickname is "Sweet Tea," explains Hadley.

In honor of pride month, she said she’s been selling her rainbow rolls at $10 a pop through her business Facebook page to help build up her fund.

"It's a really delicious cake. It's literally like a rainbow ... and with white frosting," she said.

And people are here for it.

"The reaction has been completely overwhelming. She's got about 50 orders for these rainbow rolls," said Beth."Her work ethic is extraordinary for an 8-year-old."

Hadley says once she gets her food truck, expect her to be rolling around selling burgers and, of course, Italian food, which is her specialty.

"I’m really good at Italian," said Hadley.

She says she gets some of her inspiration from her all-time favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay.

When asked what she'd want Chef Ramsay to know, she replied, "I would like to be your assistant."

But first that food truck, and eventually, Hadley wants to own a restaurant. Then, Chef Ramsay, you better watch out, because Hadley Guinn is coming for you.