9-year-old girl from Detroit will have her art displayed in the White House

Posted at 5:01 PM, Aug 10, 2021

DETROIT, MI (WXYZ) — 9-year-old Gabrielle Faisal won first place in the White House History Association's National Student Art Competition for her artwork, "Enslaved African Americans Built the White House."

Faisal says the artwork, which consists of shackled hands holding the White House on top of an American flag background, represents the history she read and learned from her father.


"The White House is a symbol of America that was built by enslaved African Americans. The Red Stripes symbolizes our struggle for freedom. The White Stripes symbolize the purity of our struggle. Blue is the symbol of justice for all people no matter what color. The Stars represent the unity of all people coming together. The shackled hands are the hands of enslaved Africans who built the White House,” she said.

More than 500 students across the country submitted artwork for this year's art competition. Faisal placed first.

Her artwork will be displayed in the White House through September 22.