98 y.o. still working at his radio repair shop

Posted: 5:07 PM, May 26, 2016
Updated: 2016-05-26 17:08:27-04

If you need an antique radio fixed - there is a repair shop in Melvindale!

Antique radio repair man Paul Colosimo has spent the past 98 years humming along to his own tune.

Like music, he has seen many things evolve, including the radio.

"The whole world has changed."

Paul was born in 1917, that's the year the US entered World War One.

As a young adult, Paul mastered radio repair, which came in handy during World War Two when he was in the Navy.

"I took care of the radar, sonar, radio, aerological stuff that we had on that ship. And the general compass. If it was anything that has wires connected to it."

He's owned a radio repair shop in Melvindale since 1949.

"So I fix now old radios, antique radios and some Hi-Fi stuff," he said. "I fix a lot of auto radios for people who go to auto shows. They want the original radio operating. I just finished one for a 1942 Ford."

He hasn't missed a day of work, except for one time in 1970.

"I got a cold and I think it was the flu and I lost a couple of days of work, since 1936."

Paul is disappointed that things are not made to last.

The secret of a long life?

Paul keeps busy and says he has lived a longboard life, thanks to voice on a "higher frequency."

"I think there is someone with me all the time, all the time. Believe it. Believe it."

And when asked if he plans to retire, Paul said he will think about it when he turns 100.