Friends, strangers rally around family in need

Posted at 5:50 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 17:50:46-04

You've seen us celebrate Persons of the Week on Channel 7 and TV20, but this time we want to give high fives to friends, a town and a whole city.

They all came together for a family in desperate need, but never made the call for help.

We're talking about the Musson family from Algonac. You saw 7 Action News Reporter Kim Russell do a story on this family recently.

Scott Musson was denied workers' comp coverage after he was hit with a beam weighing more than a thousand pounds.

That was in 2013 and a long court battle cost his family plenty, and brought this proud father to tears.

The company Scott used to work for admitted the injury happened while Scott was on the job, still Scott says they fought his workers' compensation insurance claims.

That left his family struggling to make ends meet or to do things around the house.

"Household chores, normal things he can't put a shirt on. It has been a really rough road for all of us," says his wife.

Scott says he deals with non-stop nerve pain due to damaged vertebrae and shoulder pain. It's been difficult for the whole family, especially for his wife doing double duty as a homemaker and problem solver. So, despite money woes they decided to take a much needed trip.

While they were gone more than 100 people converged on their home and remodeled everything. They joined forces to replace the roof, the garage, the deck, the landscaping, outdoor furniture and even fixed Scott's car.

Scott's wife says anything that she could have ever wanted done was fixed. She says her husband couldn't life a gallon of milk, but thanks to great friends, strangers, the whole town of Marine City and Algonac she could not be more grateful or more happy.

"Thanks everybody," said Scott. "We love them very much, it has been very cool," said Scott.

So,we give a big shout out to the friends, strangers, town of Marine City and Algonac for thinking of others and finding a way to do for a family what they could not do for themselves.

And, that's why they are all being celebrated as our Persons of the Week!