Abatement crews accused of leaving asbestos cleanup jobs unfinished

Posted at 6:26 PM, Aug 25, 2016

An asbestos alarm for residents in a Detroit neighborhood after a contractor started abatement work, then just seemed to disappear.

Good people, good neighbors call Mclean Street home. So, when a crew pulled up in front of a vacant house a few weeks ago, they got hopeful. 

“They pulled up with trucks, hopped out, started tearing stuff up, making a lot of noise. Looked like something was going to happen.”

The crew was with a subcontractor for Professional Abatement Services. The Detroit Building Authority hired Professional Abatement Services to rid vacant houses of dangerous asbestos. 

When the abatement crew left, the three houses they worked on remained covered in plastic with a danger sign posted. As days went by, the seal became loose and the plastic flapped in the wind. Neighbors grew concerned that their health was at risk.

An inspector with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality arrived to take samples.

Brian Farkas with the Detroit Building Authority says the contractor Professional Abatement Services, (P.A.S.I.) and its subcontractor, Quality Environmental and Demolition, LLC were recently cited by MDEQ for a health and safety violation on another property. Because of the violation, the company could be prevented from bidding on any new work for 90 days.

A supervisor with Quality Environmental and Demolition tells Action News proper procedures were followed.

If you have a concern about a contractor, report it to 1-844-DET-DEMO