Accused Ortonville shooter Michael Quigley held on $8 million bond

Posted at 10:03 AM, Nov 17, 2017

Micheal Quigley, the accused Ortonville shooter, faced a judge for the first time Friday morning.

No longer wearing an anti-suicide blanket, he was formally charged in a video arraignment.

He is facing eight criminal charges: Two counts of assault with intent to murder, four counts of possession of a firearm during a felony, one count of home invasion and one count of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Oakland County District Court Judge Kelley Kostin set his bond at $8 million.

The father of four is accused of shooting his estranged wife Stephanie and her male friend, each in the head, Tuesday night.

Police say he barged into the Village Court apartments in Ortonville, then shot Stephanie in the back of the head, and her friend Ryan Sharp in the eye.

“The victim's injuries are life-threatening he went to that home to kill both those persons,” said the assistant Oakland County prosecutor.


The prosecutor said Sharp lived in that apartment building with his 3-year-old daughter, who was home at the time of the shooting but was not injured.

The shooting sparked a 20-hour manhunt in the small rural community in northern Oakland County.

The 34-year-old was found hiding in a van by a local homeowner Wednesday night, who asked not to be identified.

In court the pre-trial services agent read her report allowed, stating Quigley was recently arrested on Nov. 11, but released.

"He was placed on an active behavior watch according to jail records, given a ticket and released from custody and was taken to Common Ground."

Police also responded two other times to calls concerning Quigley, on October 29 it was a mental health call and on November 5 for a suspicious circumstances call.

Court records show Stephanie recently filed for divorce and was trying to get a personal protection order.

During the hearing we learned she believed Quigley was stalking her, showing up at her home and her parent’s home.

"The victim states the defendant made a wall-to-ceiling picture shrine of the victim's kids and family pets in a bedroom at her parent's home and left a lengthy letter."

The pre-trial services report states he is currently under the care of a doctor for mental health issues, saying he has been living at his sister’s home for the last three weeks.

He’s also accused of stealing prescription medication that he was abusing and threatening suicide if his wife left him.

Throughout the hearing he was seen shaking his head and  mouthing words while the prosecutor spoke.

Quigley’s mother, who hired an attorney was in court, she declined to speak with us, saying she was too upset.

Michael Balian, the retained defense attorney, also declined to speak.

Stephanie is seeking sole custody of their four children. She now remains in the hospital, able to speak but we're told will have a long road to recovery.

Sharp is also still in the hospital, we’re told in ICU but in stable condition.