After he quits as 910AM radio host, Ralph Godbee explains departure differently than station's owner

Posted at 7:14 PM, Oct 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 19:18:03-04

A Detroit talk show host quit his radio job on the air this week. Now, he and the station’s CEO are telling very different stories about how and why it all went down.

Former Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee was the morning drive host on 910AM until Wednesday morning.  That is when, about fifteen minutes into one of his broadcasts, he suddenly told viewers he was quitting.

Godbee talked about wealthy people treating people poorly, insinuating he was talking about his boss. He then abruptly said goodbye.

So why did this happen?

Kevin Adell, the CEO of 910 AM, WADL, and the Word Network says Godbee became upset when Adell shot down his idea for a relationship show.

"Having his troubled past with relationships, his show doesn’t fit our audience on the Word Network,” said Adell.

Adell is referring to the fact Godbee lost his job as Detroit Police Chief after it came out that he had an affair with someone at work.

Godbee says his past wasn’t the problem.  He says despite his past, Adell asked him to produce a pilot for the show.  He then produced two episodes and Adell paid for it.

Godbee says his decision to quit had nothing to do with the pilot.  He said he didn’t agree with things that were happening at the station.  He wouldn’t share details.

“That t is what Mr. Adell does. He feels that because of his assets, he can say anything and no one will challenge him. I am not bought nor paid for,” said Godbee.

“He failed at being a police chief at Detroit. He left wrong there,” said Adell.  “He also left wrong here.”

The show is continuing with other hosts.