Airbnb delivers $4.2 million in tax revenue to Michigan

Posted: 10:10 AM, Aug 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-02 15:30:06Z

Airbnb announced that it delivered over $4.2 million in home sharing tax revenue on behalf of its Michigan hosts in the first year of its tax agreement with the State of Michigan.

In June 2017, Airbnb announced a tax agreement with the Michigan Treasury Department, authorizing the platform to automatically collect the 6 percent Michigan use tax on behalf of its Michigan host community and remit the revenue directly to the state.

Similarly, Airbnb has partnered with over 370 local governments throughout the U.S. to collect and remit taxes, making the process easy for hosts to pay their fair share while contributing new revenue for local governments.

Through the one-year duration of the agreement, over 455,000 guests have experienced Michigan through Airbnb and over 7,000 Michiganders now share their home through the platform.