Altercation between two women leads to shooting at Taylor gas station

Posted at 2:42 PM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 17:16:30-05

Police are investigating an altercation that led to a shooting at a gas station in Taylor Friday afternoon. 

Taylor police responded to a call of a shooting at Taylor Fuel Stop on Ecorse around noon. 

Officers say when they arrived at the scene, two women who appeared to know each other were in a physical altercation inside the store. 

During the dispute, one of the women pulled out a gun and shot the other woman, according to police. 

She was transported to a local hospital, and the shooter has been taken into custody. 

In addition to what information police released, the manager of the gas station played surveillance video for 7 Action News reporter Jim Kiertzner. He would not allow us to record it or put it on TV.

The manager says the two women are regular customers and the argument started some other place. Both women drove to the gas station in different cars. Both were towed away at about 4:00 pm.

The video shows one woman walks into the gas station, with the second woman right behind. The second woman then jumps the first and starts hitting her in the head with her fist.  

The first woman reaches for a piston in her waistband and fires one shot, hitting the other woman in the lower stomach.  

She is stunned, dazed, stumbles, but does not fall to the floor. She is doubled over in some pain but the injury does not seem to be life-threatening.

There is sound, with one woman saying what is wrong with you and the other saying why did you come behind me, hitting me. One woman says this was in self-defense and call 911. 

The woman with the gun waited for police. They took her into custody.  

The other woman was taken to the hospital.

It is not known what started the argument. The women appear to be in their 30s. 

Police have the surveillance video as the investigation continues.  

Police say the shooter did have a CPL to carry the firearm.