'Amazon Santa' video catching plenty of attention

Posted at 5:40 PM, Dec 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-21 17:55:33-05

A man with local ties is getting attention from Amazon after making a music video for the holiday season.

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Byron Trimble has always enjoyed making music videos – his latest called ‘Amazon Santa’ is catching attention of a lot of people.

“If it’s got x amount of views you can assume three-quarters of them are from my mom,” said Trimble, laughing.

Trimble is an audio/video technician by day, but his real passion is comedy. The music he writes and performs isn’t just for YouTube, he performs in public when he has free time as a comedian and musician.

His latest piece came after he became obsessed with Amazon. He used it all year and decided to exclusively shop online.

“I mean, ‘Why are we tackling each other at Target when we can have it shipped to our house while we’re watching the ‘Christmas Story’ over and over and over…”

Trimble moved away from metro Detroit a few years ago, but he’s back for Christmas to spend time with his family. He’s hoping that when he returns home he finds something special, Amazon has promised to send him a “surprise” after they saw his video.

Of course, the video wasn’t made without a few hitches along the way. Trimble did most of the work himself, but the music video is driven by odd props such as a shrimp neck pillow, a octopus beanie and a UPS outfit.

“Everything is from Amazon, so you really can go and buy it!” said Trimble.

Asked if he ever wonders what the people at Amazon thought when they saw his order history he was in stitches again.

“That’s a good story,” said Trimble. “They froze my card! They did, I swear! We’re in the Holiday season and they froze my card (at the bank). They’re like, ‘Someone is buying pacifiers, octopus beanies, a Superman onesie, and a shrimp pillow and we thought that was a little suspicious.”

“I told them, ‘Here’s a heads up: It’s going to get weirder!’”

You can see more of Byron Trimble’s comedy and connect with him on social media: