Ambassador Bridge blockade day 5: Protesters in Windsor impacting trade between Canada and U.S.

Ambassador Bridge Protests
Posted at 6:15 AM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 06:18:43-05

(WXYZ) — Disgruntled Canadians can be seen putting on a celebratory display in protest.

It may seem like a contradiction, but some Freedom Convoy Fighters say the world is finally paying attention.

"I hope that what comes out of this is the government is willing to come to the table and talk," James Grayer of Canada said.

Grayer says for two years the Canadian government has led with an iron fist pushing mask and vaccine mandates on citizens.

"I mean I am not an anti-vaxer, I am actually triple vaccinated, but I am here to support the freedom of people's choices," he said.

Grayer and other demonstrators have been posted up for nearly 5 full days now.

Their presence is shutting down the Ambassador Bridge and has interrupted vital trade across country lines.

The president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber is saying the economic impact is staggering.

"Even if you are not worried about GM, Ford, Stellantis plants, there are all these small businesses that supply parts. They are shut down," the CEO said.

The economic activity created by the transfer of auto parts generates nearly $320 million alone.

The losses could be devastating to some, but Grayer says even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn't for the people, the people are for themselves.

"Trudeau doesn't seem to want to budge. He seems to think we are an infringed minority but obviously not if we are getting worldwide recognition," Grayer said.