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Waterford sports bar gets backlash for dress code sign banning 'ghetto gear'

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 08:26:09-04

WATERFORD (WXYZ) — A controversial dress code sign is causing some concern for patrons at one metro Detroit sports bar.

Seeing a dress code sign when you go to a bar or sports bar isn’t uncommon, but when you see a sign that says, “no ghetto gear” it raises some eyebrows and people are calling it unacceptable.

It’s a dress code sign posted as you walk into CJ’s upper deck in Waterford. The person who took this picture posted it to Facebook and it’s now been shared more than 2-thousand times. They didn’t want to show their face on camera out of fear.

"I’m afraid. I don’t like going into places and seeing that. It felt like a modern day no colored sign to me," said the former patron.

"I just didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t feel wanted and honestly I was a little offended, very offended by that sign," they said.

The sign says what you are and aren’t permitted to wear inside. But one thing caught this patron by surprise. The part that says “ no large logos. i.e South Pole, FUBU, ghetto gear etc.”

"I asked the security guard what is ghetto gear. He couldn’t give me an answer. So, my whole thing was ok, if you're monitoring for ghetto gear you don’t know what you are looking for."

"When you’re adding South Pole, FUBU, which are Black-owned brands to the mix and then saying, dash 'no ghetto gear' or pants must be pulled up, dash 'no ghetto gear' that’s offensive," said the former patron.

For now, this patron says they won’t be going back to the restaurant and hopes the sign will be removed and re-worded.

"As a business, there is a way that you can relay that information. You say no street wear, and no ghetto gear is definitely not an appropriate term to use," they said.

CJs said in a statement to 7 Action News: “A picture of our dress code has surfaced online and we would like to inform everyone that it has been updated: 'No sleeveless shirts
Pants and shorts must be at waist level'
Our intention with the dress code has been to create a respectful environment. Thank you for addressing our aged dress code, we hope everyone finds this fitting and suitable for everyone while maintaining a fun and inviting atmosphere.”