Ann Arbor seniors pull final prank on the assistant principal

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jun 19, 2020

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) — This has been a bumpy year for high school seniors who have missed out traditional events like proms and graduation, but a graduating class in Ann Arbor wasn’t going to end the year without pulling off a senior prank.

The seniors at Huron High School decided to pull one final prank on their assistant principal.

All of the graduating seniors lawn signs are on his lawn.

The students had a drive through graduation Wednesday evening. Afterwards - the students were celebrating and when they realized...

“Okay, senior prank time. We are grabbing all these yard signs, we are going to Edmondson’s because we knew Edmondson would be a good sport. We put it all in the trunk and we were like ‘ok what do we do?’” Reeya Patel said

The signs were given to them by the school so they collected more than 300 of them and placed them on the lawn late Wednesday night....

Patel and other students told Mr. Edmondson’s family about what they were doing — making sure he didn’t see it until morning...

“If that’s the worst thing they are going to do is a prank. I love it. These kids are great kids," Edmondson said.

“Whenever there was a problem, he’d be the first one to help us. That shows how supportive this whole admin group was for our class, especially going through the pandemic together," Reeya said.