Ann Marie's All Star: Ms. Kristin Plautz

Posted at 5:06 AM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 06:31:50-05

She’s an elementary school teacher whose focus on reading and writing is building self confidence in her young students.

Kristin Plautz wants her students to be well rounded and she has a unique approach to it - inspiring a new generation of readers and writers.

“Many of my students say their hands hurt at the beginning of the year because they’re doing so much writing but we have seasoned hands now,” Plautz said.

Students at Pleasant Lake Elementary are hard at work with Ms. Plautz leading the way.

“Whenever I see her I feel really happy because, just her warm smile makes me happy,” 3rd Grader Isabella Kozlowski said.

Isabella was Ms. Plautz’ student last year in second grade.

“When entered her classroom I really wasn’t good at all, I would just write capitals, sometimes I would write my letters backwards," Isabella said.

But now, Isabella is what Ms. Plautz calls a ‘writing queen.’

“I want to be an author,” Isabella said, just like her teacher. “She’s actually a published author and she writes for newspapers.”

Isabella is one of many students inspired by Ms. Plautz and their new foundation found in writing.

“I want my students leaving second grade not only having an empowering lifelong desire to be readers and writers but to also be caring and compassionate citizens in today’s diverse world,” Plautz said.

It’s those relationships that are inspiring other teachers to become all stars too.

“Not only is she an incredible teacher, instructional leader, teacher leader – it’s really the relationship she builds with the children,” Principal Nayal Maktari said

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