Ann Marie's All Stars: Brad McNellen

Posted at 11:48 AM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 23:02:36-04

While it’s summer vacation for most students we're honoring the educators still going above and beyond even outside the classroom.

“Every trophy has its own little story to tell,” Brad McNellen said.

McNellen has more trophies than his Detroit Country Day School classroom can hold. The sport? Quiz bowl.

“It’s basically a competitive jeopardy,” McNellen said.

He’s connected with students outside his Latin classroom through intense competitions.

“Even non-quiz bowl related stuff, there’s always someone to talk to whether it be about sports because he knows about everything!” Student Rohan Gurram said. “So you can talk to him about any sport that you want, current events, politics.”

His students, all aspiring to one day be like their teacher they call a human encyclopedia.

“He knows about everything possible,” Gurram said. “Sometimes you don’t even need to google stuff you just ask him it’s quicker.”

And though they may still have a lot to learn, they’re certain the lessons Coach McNellen has taught them, will stay with them for years.

“How to think analytically and how to study and that’s really going to help me in college,” student Rohit Misra said.

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