Ann Marie's All Stars: Coach Morris Blackwell

Posted at 5:15 AM, Sep 07, 2017

As the kids head back to school, we’re honoring the people who have gone above and beyond all summer long.

Baseball is an American tradition and it’s also a tradition at Clark Park on Detroit’s West Side thanks to Coach Morris Blackwell who has dedicated decades of summers to teaching kids to play baseball.

“This is I believe year 42 and I started here working with the City of Detroit’s Recreation Department,” Coach Morris said.

Every weekday of every summer for the past four decades the ball field is where you can find him.

“It’s awesome every day, I have fun every day,” player Trent Chlebek said.

He’s inspired a love of baseball for generations at Clark Park making sure each child learns more than just a game.

“It is diversity, it is inclusive, it’s incredible and I want my kids to appreciate not just me,” Coach Morris said.

It can’t be done on an empty stomach, which is why Coach Morris has lunch provided each and every day.

“Really fun and we get to eat with Morris, too,” Player Ishmael Vela said.

Players from years past come back every summer, just to say thank you to Coach Morris- for his patience, for the structure and for unforgettable summers.

“I like playing with Coach Morris because he’s fun to play with, he messes around with us,” Player Kevin Padilla said.

“You don’t do it for pay or money but I’ll tell ya what, you get a hug or a thank you and it’s a great great feeling, I’ll tell you,” Coach Morris said.

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