Ann Marie's All Stars: Dominic Miller

Posted at 11:15 AM, Dec 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 23:09:51-05

A young boy is paying it forward this holiday season.  It’s through hardship of this own Dominic Miller has found his heart for giving.

He’s only 8-years-old but each Christmas he collects pajama’s and books for kids less fortunate.

“Because I would rather make as many people happy as I can and I want to change the world one kid at a time,” Dominic said.

And that’s exactly what he’s is doing now in his 5th year of collecting pajamas and books for kids facing homelessness during the holidays.

“Dominic decided he wanted to help his community and together we talked about it, came up with each Christmas he gets a new pair of PJ’s for Christmas and he thought how cool that was to collect new PJ’s and books and give them to children that were homeless,” Dominic’s Grandmother Rosemary Swanson said.

Each year the collection gets bigger and bigger.

“He collects all year round and delivers them on the 15th of December every year to kids that are in our shelters in our area,” Swanson said.

Dominic lives with his grandmother who says it’s their own experience that’s shaped his heart for giving.

“Well we did have or original house that we were living in illegally through a bad mortgage taken away from us and we were scrambling to get a home and it was very hard on him,” she said.

That’s when Dominic decided it was time to give back.

“I’ve kind of bonded with the spirit of giving and it’s just stuck with me,” Dominic said.

And his grandmother believes this is just the beginning.

“He doesn’t have a lot but he’s grateful for what he has, he has a roof over his head and he’s grateful,” she said.”

“I would rather change the nation one kid at a time,” Dominic said.

You can donate to Dominic’s pajama and book drive through his Facebook page.