Ann Marie's All Stars: Miranda Rumfelt

Posted at 10:57 AM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 11:19:57-05

Women are still working to break barriers throughout the country, especially in the workplace and this week’s All Star is determined to break those stereotypes.

In just the past three years Miranda Rumfelt has accomplished more than her teachers have ever seen a student do .and she has a mission to inspire others along the way.

“A lot of people have underestimated me but I think I’ve proved them wrong,” she said.

She’s the only girl you’ll see in Roseville High School’s body shop.

“I really love getting to see something in my head and being able to put it out so someone can actually see what I’m seeing and touch it and feel it,” Rumfelt said.

With passion and talent the 16-year-old’s teachers say she has achieved more than anyone in the 50 year history of the Drive One automotive program.

“Man it’s been something else, from state championships on through I can’t say she’s missed much,” teacher Paul Tregrembo said.

Through all the awards she’s had to fight stereotypes and doubters.

“Girls can do this and obviously they can be successful at it,” Rumfelt said.

“She’s definitely going to break some glass ceilings no question about that – she really is going to push the limits not only here but when she leaves,” Tregrembo said.

Rumfelt plans to work for one of the big three after college and become a part of the progress women are making in automotive industry.

“She has so much talent in so many different areas in automotive she can do the mechanical part of it, she painted the car we took to the Autorama two weeks ago and we won with it,” Tregrembo said.  “The design part of it, the clay modeling part of it- she’s done enormously well with it.”

Congratulations Miranda!

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