Ann Marie's All Stars: Mr. Carl Myles

Posted at 6:36 PM, Oct 19, 2016
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Ann Marie’s All Stars celebrates people in our schools who do what others don’t.

This week Action News is celebrating an unsung hero from U of D Jesuit High School.

Carl Myles is a smiling face that completes the U of D community.  The boys say he's the basketball team’s good luck charm and the teachers say he's the person they can always count on to brighten their day.

“Some may whine and some may fuss but these are the rules for riding this bus,” it’s a rap Mr. Carl starts every bus ride with.

When you’re on the bus with him, there’s no way to keep a smile off your face.

“Just that there’s that father figure, that person that really cares about who they are on the bus with them is amazing,” Holly Bennetts Director of College Counseling said,

The basketball team credits their state championship win to their humble and fearless driver.  When the school planned to charter a bus for the big game, the team said no way- if we go, Mr. Carl is leading the way.

“He really is the reason that give us the win,” one student said. “It’s just the motivation he gives to every player- good luck and play hard before every game.”

Always willing to pitch in wherever the school needs him, Mr. Carl says he loves his job because he gets to start and end student’s and teacher’s days with a little joy.

“You never know if someone’s having a bad day and how much a smile can change their day and their outlook on their day,” Mr. Carl said.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Carl, he’s such a hardworking man who takes his job seriously, he’s a man of true character and cares unceasingly for his family,” Dana Blake of U of D said.

It’s his family that keeps Carl working a bus driver’s shift.

“I have been a trusted foster parent for over 20 years now and I’ve fostered upwards of 20 children and I’ve also adopted 5 children as well,” he said.

Some with special needs who need him home for special care and all of them say he’s well deserving of this honor.

“They think it’s about time someone said something nice to me,” Mr. Carl laughed.

We think so, too.

Congratulations Mr. Carl!

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