Ann Marie's All Stars: Mrs. Debbie Ziegler

Posted at 12:18 PM, Oct 01, 2015

As the school year shifts into gear, so does the workload on students, teachers and all those who make for a successful school year.

While most of the time it’s one of our wonderful teachers who begin to stand out, there are a lot of unsung heroes in other roles who often don’t get the thank you they deserve. 

This week, Ann Marie’s All Star goes to Schalm and Kenwood Elementary school librarian Mrs. Debbie Zeigler.

“She knows 440 students and knows what they like to read, their different reading levels – she has a relationship with every single student in this building which is pretty amazing,” Schalm Elementary Principal Bianca Hill says.

Stepping into Mrs. Ziegler’s library, is like opening the doors of possibility.

“They’re so adventurous, I love that and they have a lot of interesting features which is different from what I usually read,” elementary student Brooke Sarvello says.

Though she doesn’t demand silence, with a turn of the page student are locked into her stories with excitement growing and buzzing.

“She teaches us silly books and funny books,” student Ayden Tyjewski says.

In a world filled with iPads and e-readers, her passion lies in placing a book in each child’s hand.

“For me, libraries are one of the most important things in my life. I love them, I want kids to love them, I want them to find books that they love,” Mrs. Ziegler says. “There’s just something phenomenally wonderful about holding a book, sharing a book with a family member.”

Hill says Mrs. Ziegler has brought life to the library.

“My favorite thing to do is read,” student Katie Kage says.

An appreciation and a part of Mrs. Ziegler that will carry these kids into the future.

“Starting here, the foundation of reading and the love of reading carries on through middle school and high school and life,” Hill says.

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