Ann Marie's All Stars: Ms. Cris Dubois keeps kids smiling

Posted at 11:18 AM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 05:59:14-04

An elementary school secretary who has been loved by students for more than 30 years, is being recognized for all her hard work.

“She is the center of the school, I always laugh that she runs the school not me, “ Principal of Jane Addams Elementary Michelle Hubbard said.  “She is the heart of what we do here.”

When you walk into Jane Addams Elementary, Cris Dubois is the first person you see.

“I live in the community and know everybody here and their kids,” she said.

She knows the names and faces of each child who’s passed through these doors for decades which is why Hubbard planned a big surprise in her honor.

“She’s nice and she takes care of us when we’re sick or when we’re hurt and she’s everybody’s friend in the school,” 4th grader Avah Pointer said.

The kids say the office is their safe place, if they’re having a bad day, need help solving a problem, or even just a hug.

“The kids don’t want to leave the office, we have to kick them out sometimes and say you can’t hang with Ms. Dubois all day because they don’t want to leave the office,” Hubbard said.

And she enjoys their company just as much.

“The kids make me laugh, they just come in and say the darnest things,” she said.

She’s left a lasting impression, making elementary school great for the thousands of kids who have come to school knowing Ms. Dubois will be there making sure everything’s ok.

“She’s so great because whenever we need help in the office or anywhere really she will help us,” student Deon Spiller said.

Congratulations Ms. Dubois!

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