University Prep High awarded by Samsung

Posted at 10:58 AM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 10:59:12-05

University Prep Math and Science students are being recognized nationally for working to solve problems students in Detroit Public Schools face every day with transportation.

As they immerse themselves into STEM principals, the students have decided to take what they’ve learned in hopes of solving a problem both they and their peers face.

“Most of us in Detroit take the bus to school and it’s kinda important that kids in Detroit are getting the most out of their education,” student Daron Ferrell said.

They did their research, constructed a plan and are now being awarded by Samsung for their efforts.

“I think we noticed that a lot of our students relied on public transportation and there’s a lot of statistics regarding student absenteeism and the negative effect on student achievement,” teacher Seth Wight said.

So, they decided to create a whole new kind of bus stop, making a video documenting the process.

“We tried to look at everything that was wrong with it and tried to change everything that was wrong with it – so heating was a problem, we even considered ports to charge phones,” student Annetta Sumler said.

They submitted their plans to Samsung who’s now sending the Detroit school a $20,000 technology package.

“I know some kids, they don’t get a chance at work to get all their work done in terms of where they are and where they live and how long it takes them to get to school, so I want to make that a little more comfortable,” student Khalil Escoe-Brown said.

The students say they’re the new wave of engineers, making changes in their own community first.

“The fact that I am a woman makes it a little tougher but definitely I’m up for a challenge,” Sumler said.
Escoe-Brown says he’s ready to tackle the challenges head on.

“I want my friends and family just to have everything easier when they get older,” he said.

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